Reimagining sustainable living
We breathe life into buildings through intellectual development

Reimagining sustainable living
We breathe life into buildings through intellectual development

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Welcome to the developer and creative force behind Eywa, R.evolution – a high-end boutique real estate developer from Europe. We have been creating architectural masterpieces for over 24 years.

  • Over 2.5m sq ft developed.
  • 1m sq ft currently in development.
  • Largest development €270m.
  • Buildings developed total GDV €500-600m.
  • 60 employees.

Across residential, office, hotel and infrastructural properties, and in cities from Riga to Barcelona and Dubai to Berlin, R.Evolution has brought a unique approach and DNA to real estate development. Every one of our projects possesses a revolutionary vision, one that’s designed to be integral to evolving real estate in its host city.To us, architecture is not only aesthetics and functionality, it’s also an important component of a city’s image – one that will make a mark on its history for decades to follow. Because we’re aware of this long-term impact, we’re inspired to always search for unconventional and innovative solutions. At their heart is a clear conceptual idea, that reveals and emphasises the symbiosis of architectural space and interior design.As such, we’re equally bold dreamers and intellectual developers. We don’t just design and build in conventional ways. Instead, we blend ancient science, spirituality, curious intellect and boundless imagination. And we do so with a unique set of passions – for people’s wellbeing, for purity, for philosophies and for places.


Our mission as a developer is to create a universe filled with awareness and gratitude, joy and an opportunity for development and enhancement of the potential of people and companies, using ancient knowledge of human nature and the latest achievements of the modern world.


In 5 Dimensions With 7 Senses is our secret ingredient, the motto of our company. It drives us through all stages of the project implementation. Real estate development flows in 4 dimensions - the 3 physical and the one time.

But we create in 5 dimensions – we add our dimension, woven from personal values and assessments, views and unique perceptions of life of our target audience. To feel it, to be in it, you need to subtly understand how one or another target audience thinks in each space at the moment of the building commissioning and beyond. 


Every element in every project, R.evolution works with, creates emotional engagement and a positive attitude. Both inside and outside of our buildings we work on the sensorial experience directly influencing 6 main physical senses: TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL, HEARING, VISION, and EQUILIBRIUM. The 7th sense “Unification”,a unique sense of R.evolution, we apply to unify all 6 senses and 5 elements of nature into a sacred single unique integrity.


We call our philosophy  Intellectual Development. What does it stand for?

First we create the 5th dimension.

Next, we develop an idea that not only meets our customers’ values, but also blends in the mission, values and motto of the company. And then all the processes of real estate development flow through this idea - from architecture and design to marketing and sales communications.

We believe that the value of a building can be enhanced by exploring its intangible assets, evoking emotional responses from the target audience, creating something bigger and more meaningful than just a commercially successful project.


From residential and office buildings to hotels and infrastructural properties, we're redefining the blueprint for real estate development. Each of our projects is a visionary concept brought to life and designed to be integral to changing real estate in its respective location..

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The faces behind R.Evolution

Our team of experts is dedicated to curating architecturally and ideologically relevant projects which are in demand and align with our mission to establish spaces that optimise lifestyles.

Alex Zagrebelny
Chairman and CEO
Qasim Mansoor
Qasim Mansoor
Aleksandrs Sihmans
Aleksandrs Sihmans
Chief Investment Officer
Izak Voster
Director Of Finance
Lucynda Jensen
Lucynda Jensen
Development Director
Nehal Ahmed
Director of development & Design
Khaled Rashad
Director Costs, Contracts & Procurement
Mohammed arshad
Mohammed arshad
Marketing Director
JELIZAVETA Privalova Marketing Manager
Jelizaveta Privalova
Marketing Manager
Armando Caballero
Manager - Procurement & Fitout
Nataly Trifonova-Graphic Designer -Coordinator
Nataly Trifonova
Graphic Designer - Coordinator
Sommer Briz
Document Controller
Aleksandrs Blinovs (1)
Aleksandrs Blinovs
Finanšu direktors (CFO)
Anna Isaeva
Anna Isaeva
Elena Pahinina
Jelena Pahinina
Executive Assistant to Chairman of the Board
Olga Laidinena
Juriste/ Lawyer
Sandra Bukovska
Sandra Bukovska
AML juriste / AML Laywer
Ieva Ielvina
Ieva Ielvina
Juriste/ Lawyer
Svetlana Agafonova
Svetlana Agafonova
Head of Finance Department
Tatjana Judicka
Tatjana Judicka
Agata Musatova
Agata Musatova
Head of Marketing, Riga office
Romans Mihels
Elena Sudareva
Corporate Operations Manager
Yevgeniy Totsky
Project Manager
Maria Alvi
Director - Human Resources
Linda Elena
Office Manager

Every one of our projects possesses a revolutionary vision, one that’s designed to be integral to evolving real estate in its host city.


Creative and inspiring.
Enhancing and developing.
Fantastical and functional.
Extraordinary and luxurious.
Unique and remarkable.
Ancient knowledge with modern technology.
Imagination with innovation.
Well-being with wildness.
Purity with passion.
Spaces with senses

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